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Improvements, Changes and Many New Things!


Vital importance to Old Mill Counter Owners and Operators.

The lamp used in the Old Mill Seed Counter is no longer available. Without the proper lamp it will not operate. A modification is available that uses a long life LED light source providing similar performance to that obtained with previous lamp.


We are now able to feed and count Arabidopsis. Not exactly a standard unit but it does feed and count this very tiny seed increasingly used in many genetic studies. Contact me!

New Software for the Model 900-2

Does your packeting program exceed the 10 group limit of the 900-2? New Software is available which extends this to 50 groups yet is convenient to Use. New software available on a plug-in memory module that you can change. See Accessories

Quick Empty Stand Changes

All Quick Empty Feeder Stands are now adjustable in height so that they may be adjusted to better deliver seeds into the entrance chute of the counter head. (Entrance Chute no longer has an adjustable insert). Support column telescopes, held in position by 3 setscrews. Adjustment permits height suitable for ESRA.

Tired of having to reposition the support stand because it moves when you use it? All Quick Empty Stands now bolt down to the system base.

Fixed Feeder Stands for Total Count Systems now History! All “T” Systems now supplied with quick empty stands for better performance.

Need More Packets per Hour? Motorized Quick Empty Stand (you will need ESRA also) will automatically clean out the feeder of seed at the end of the packeting run and collect the seed in the original supply packet. The operator will produce more packets since there is less “busy work” to be done! See Accessories

Supply Hopper Available

Long Runs require constant addition of seed to the feeder? New storage hopper will automatically add seed to the bowl to maintain optimum level of seed for improved throughput and accuracy. See Accessories.

Set-up "Cookbook" Now Practical

Feeder Bowls are now available with a calibrated adjustment for seed size so a “Cookbook” of settings for various seeds can be made up, thereby relieving the operator of learning the “art” of optimum adjustment. See Accessories

Tired of Dual Chute Problems? So are We! Here is the Solution!

Some applications such as heavily treated seed will cause operating problems with the dual chute operation. An Air Operated Dual Chute is now available which eliminates downtime due to this problem! Available as a retrofit or with new units. See Accessories.

Weigh-Count Systems Now Available for both Production and Lab

Everyone needs to know seeds per pound or seeds per gram or other weight-count data. The Laboratory Weigh-Count System now has a Heavy Duty “Brother” suitable for Seed Production Lines where Weigh-Count Data is needed on an automatic basis. Includes periodic sampling from the line. <See Weigh-Count Systems>

Seed Weight Sorter Sensitivity Now 0.1mg, Extending Seed Range

It is now both possible and practical to sort alfalfa, many grass seeds, small grain, corn, and soybeans into weight groups to investigate effects of seed weigh variability easily and economically. See Seed Weight Sorter.

Corn "SECCAP" Unit for Research Establishes New Method

The SECCAP unit (Single Ear Corn Counting and Packaging) allows data gathering and analysis of kernels from a single ear of corn to be easily and automatically obtained. See SECCAP.

Connector Manufacturer or Distibutor? Count and Package Pins

Packaging of connector pins (and sealing plugs) into vials or plastic bags are “a piece of cake” for Old Mill single and dual units. Improve efficiency with the new manifold handling system allowing “operator free” operation up to 50 or more vials. See Connector Pin Counting.

Bob Decker


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